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Dinny and The All Stars took their inspiration from 1930's traditional jazz, swing and blues standards. The line up of musicians changes as the members also have their own full time jazz band comitments.

The band has been playing jazz numbers for over 25 years. Individual band members have featured on other artist's recordings, as well as with their own full time jazz bands. They recorded their first CD
on the 9th May 2009. The CD was released 19th September 2009.
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Dinny and The All Stars
2012 current musicians line-up:

Trumpet - Brian Dinsdale*
Clarinet - Ron Joseph*
Clarinet - Mick Lewis*
Trombone - Ray Skalski
Trombone - Manfred Koch*
Reeds - Jim Purdie*
Vocals - Brian Dinsdale*
Vocals - Ray Skalski


Drums - Glenn Anderson*
Piano -Adam Saunders*
Banjo - Ted Roberts
Banjo - Bill Stewart*
Bass - Jack McFadden
Bass - Jack Zorawski*
Guitar - Ted Roberts
Guitar - Bill Stewart*

* Featured on the
Dinny and The All Stars CD: